Private Reformer sessions

Our private classes are designed to fit the individual client and their specific goals and needs.  Whether they may be coming back from an injury or their main focus being injury prevention, the private classes are our most specialized form of exercise at the studio.  The Reformers provide an intense and thorough workout of the entire body while being extremely low impact to provide relief for the joints.  The spring based machine also is a great option for pre and post natal clients, extreme athletes, and people just starting Pilates for the first time.  All sessions are an hour long and are by appointment only.  Please call or email for available times.     

semi private and group reformer classes

Our Semi-Private Reformer training is an excellent option for individuals looking for the intense workout provided by the Private Reformer training, but also being able to cut down on the cost.  In a semi private session, each client is either paired with another individual with the same fitness goals, or they can choose their own partner to come with them.  These classes are extremely popular with friends seeking a fun workout regimen, husband and wife couples, and even mother and daughters.  Semi private sessions are by appointment only and must be made by calling our studio or emailing us.

  Group reformer classes offer the same training as our semi private and private sessions, but with a slightly larger group.  All group reformer classes are limited to 5 people.  The classes are generally at set times each week, but group classes may be started for groups looking for a specific day or time.  To join a group reformer class you must first take an introductory private or semi private to ensure you are in the appropriate class. To see our current group reformer schedule, check out our schedule page here.

mat classes

Our group Pilates mat classes are done on the floor and are designed to strengthen and challenge the core as well as increase proper posture and flexibility.  Each class is limited to 12 clients to ensure each person is working correctly.  Total Body Pilates provides all of the small equipment used in classes including toning balls, fitness circles, thera bands, and other equipment.  The focus of the class is to provide correct training of the core and to fully learn and understand the basic principles of Pilates.  Each class is an hour long.  Our current mat class schedule can be found here.